Easy Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth decay is a serious problem that can have many consequences for your child’s health. If left untreated, the decay can lead to costly and painful dental procedures. In order to prevent tooth decay, your child needs to understand the benefits of routine dental care at your dentist in Sarnia.

Listed below are some easy ways to prevent tooth decay in children. Keep reading for more information, these tips will help you prevent tooth decay for your children and establish good oral hygiene for years to come.

Avoiding sugary foods

Aside from regular brushing and flossing, avoiding sugary foods also means cutting back on sweets. As much as possible, try to stay away from chewy or long-lasting sugary foods. This is important because sugars can cause cavities and damage the enamel.

Also, sugary food particles can get stuck in between teeth, making them more difficult to remove. To avoid this problem, eat sweet foods in moderation and try to substitute them with foods that promote good oral health. For example, eat plenty of green vegetables, leafy fruits, fibrous fruits, and dairy products to help strengthen your teeth against decay.

Getting a fluoride treatment

Some people may benefit from fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay. People with dry mouth, Sjogren’s syndrome, or those who are taking certain medications may benefit from additional fluoride. A dry mouth can make the teeth more susceptible to plaque and tartar buildup, which can cause further decay. Those with crowns are also susceptible to decay at this point in the restoration process. Getting fluoride treatment is an important step in preventing these problems.

Getting a Regular Dental Exam

Getting a regular dental exam is crucial for a number of reasons. Not only does it prevent tooth decay, but it will also alert you to problems with the development of teeth. If you are prone to grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, it may be time to consider getting an occlusal guard, which can protect your teeth and prevent future damage. These guards can prevent painful jaw pain, headaches, and earaches. Getting a dental exam is a lifesaver, and you’ll want to be sure to mention any chronic medical conditions or medications you may be taking.

Avoiding acidic foods

To avoid erosion of tooth enamel, you should avoid highly acidic foods. Instead, eat these items as part of a broader meal. This will reduce acid’s contact with teeth and neutralize it. Also, swig your soft drinks with water instead of swishing them, and eat dairy products and calcium-rich foods. Drink plenty of water, and chew sugarless gum to protect your teeth.

Avoiding starchy foods

Aside from sugar, starchy foods are just as bad for your teeth as candy. This is because starch tends to get stuck between teeth, giving the bacteria more time to grow and interact. The sugars in starchy foods are converted to acids, which damage the teeth.

It is best to avoid starchy foods as much as possible to prevent tooth decay. These foods should be paired with fiber-rich foods and dairy products without added sugar.

Avoiding dry mouth

If you are susceptible to dry mouth, you may want to consider humidifiers, which add moisture to the air and prevent bodily tissues from drying out. These are useful during the winter and at night, when you need a boost of moisture. It’s also a good idea to avoid taking OTC antihistamines and decongestants, which can make your mouth even dryer. They can also exacerbate your symptoms.

Getting a Sealant with Your Dentist in Sarnia

Sealants protect your teeth by filling in tiny grooves in the back teeth. These sealants keep food from getting in and causing decay. They are applied by an oral health professional and are typically effective for two to seven years. However, sealants do require regular checkups with your dentist in Sarnia. You should have a sealant placed on your permanent molars as early as possible, especially if you are at risk of tooth decay.

Dentist in Sarnia for Regular Oral Care

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